Sportaloosa International - the great value registry for spotted sport horses

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Whether you're a competitor or pleasure rider, breeder or enthusiast, Sportaloosa International offers you a great deal.

  • A unique points system lets you earn competition points in any discipline
  • Let's Ride programme rewards hours spent in the saddle
  • Annual video foal futurity, with free entry to all registered Sportaloosa foals
  • Annual photo competition
  • Informative web site and Facebook page
  • Extensive line up of the best spotted stallions around, with huge promotion for owners
  • A mouthwatering sales list of Sportaloosas from all over the world, with free advertising

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Need more reasons to join? Try these.

Be part of the special spotted horse community worldwide  
Spotted horses are very different.  Those who own appaloosa spotted horses know their calm, quiet nature makes them a pleasure to handle and gives them an edge when it comes to training.   They're extra friendly, love being involved with people and Sportaloosas - athletic spotted sporthorses of all types - have plenty of talent.

Enjoy contact with like-minded spotted horse owners
Sportaloosa International is for keen owners of spotted horses who are friendly, honest, genuine people who want to be part of a supportive community encouraging them to achieve their goals.

Indulge your competitive streak... even if you're only competing against yourself
No matter what you do with your registered Sportaloosa, be the best that you can be.  Our Let's Ride programme keeps you in the saddle while our points system lets you earn points in every kind of discipline, at any event that keeps an official record of placings. 

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge
What makes the spots?   What makes the spotted horse so different from others?   How do you keep the colour?   We work closely with the world's leading experts on appaloosa coat patterning and associated traits to bring owners, riders and breeders the information they need to know about these special horses.  No science degrees required, we provide practical information you can use, with sincere thanks to the Appaloosa Project.

Secure the future
Join Sportaloosa International to be part of the revival of the spotted horse as a riding and competition mount.  Whether you're out there doing it, taking photos or video to help with promotion, researching your next breeding match to ensure a quality spotted outcome or simply loving spotted horses, be part of a friendly, fun, knowledgeable and encouraging group who are focussed on keeping the spots for generations to come.

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Mighty Luminous (imp Aust)Mighty Luminous (imp Aust)
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